Take Action

Maine legislators are considering LD 1626, a bill to protect Wabanaki rights by restoring tribal self-government to tribes in Maine. Based on consensus recommendations from a bipartisan task force convened by the Maine Legislature, the legislation addresses long-standing issues with a land claims act passed in 1980 that governs the relationship between the state and the tribes in Maine. Tribal leaders and allies are working to pass this important legislation and need your help! Learn more about the history that led to this legislation, why it’s needed, and how you can support their efforts in this Take Action Toolkit.

  • LD 1626: Frequently asked questions
    What is LD 1626? Why do tribes in Maine support it? Why should I ask my legislators to pass it? We answer these and other questions in our LD 1626 FAQ. Read more>>
  • Contact your legislators
    The Maine Legislature will vote on LD 1626 during the next session, which begins in January 2022. Learn how to successfully lobby your legislators in our guide. Read more>>
  • LD 1626: Talking Points
    Want to talk with legislators and neighbors or write an LTE about LD 1626 and how it will benefit Maine? These talking points are a great way to start. Read more>>
  • Write a letter to the editor
    Letters to the editor can help persuade legislators to pass this important bill. Our LTE Guide offers tips to get your started and a list of newspapers. Read more>>
  • Social media
    We’ve created an image gallery with graphics you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find that treasure trove here. Read more>>
  • Who supports LD 1626?
    Support for LD 1626 comes from local, state, and federal leaders, Mainers across the state, and more than 90 racial and social justice and faith-based groups. Read more>>